Employment for You

Lionshead Employment for You

Unless you have legal expenses insurance or are a member of a union, the value of most employment tribunal claims means that instructing solicitors is simply not financially worthwhile.  The legal costs can often end up exceeding any compensation you may ultimately be awarded even if you are successful.

However, acting for yourself can be a daunting task and navigating the tribunal rules of procedure as well as the ever-increasing employment legislation can be tricky even for a professional.   Lionshead Law, which operates as a ‘virtual law firm’, offers all the reassurance of a traditional law firm at a fraction of the cost.  We operate on the basis of fixed-fees rather than hourly rates and we will ensure that you get the best advice, support and representation possible. 

Our solicitors can advise you on all employment matters, including advising on the terms of settlement agreements, wherever you are in the country and will almost always be able to act within the parameters of the fee contribution from your employer.

A very significant proportion of our instructions involve workplace discrimination and we are well-placed to advise and represent you in relation to any potential claims under the Equality Act 2010.  We also have significant expertise in negotiating settlement agreements and exit packages, advising on redundancies and assisting with internal grievance and disciplinary hearings as well as pursuing claims in the Employment Tribunals.

For advice and representation, please do not hesitate to get in touch as our solicitors are “always here for you…”