We advise clients from the technology and creative sectors on all manner of contacts to commercialise and protect their creative output. Passionate about innovation and technology, we work with clients to find the best solutions to protect their copyright, patents, trade marks, designs, business information and database rights, helping you to define your strategy to protect, defend and exploit your IP. We can record and document all of your commercial arrangements such as software development agreements, licensing, white label agreements, NDAs, service level agreements, SAAS, app development, in-browser (mobile web) agreements, e-commerce sales, data policies and privacy terms, sponsorship agreements, collaboration agreements, integration agreements, EULAs, reseller and distribution terms, OEM contracts and escrow agreements. We also provide IP audits, IP due diligence reports and sale/exit readiness reviews for your business, helping you to maximise your potential and ensure you are ready for investment, merger or sale. We recognise that start ups in particular need to be over-advised but are often under-resourced and we offer transparent pricing and staff-number based retainers so that you can manage your legal spend whilst being reassured that you have got ‘the legals’ right from the outset.

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