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Belinda Lester

a word from our founder...​

Belinda Lester​

“Having worked in private practice for many years, both as an assistant solicitor and a partner, it was my ambition to start a law firm that did things differently. I decided on the name Lionshead Law to reflect my Cape Town roots. The iconic Lion’s Head mountain which sits adjacent to Table Mountain reflects a combination of strength and protection and the reassurance of always being there that I wanted to offer both clients and solicitors. It had always struck me as being an inherent conflict of interest that solicitors charged by the hour, or more accurately by the 6 minutes unit. It is evident that a client’s needs are best met when work is done in a timely manner but conversely, a law firm’s needs are met when their solicitors work more slowly. It was vital to me that, in order to provide a completely transparent service to clients, time recording needed to be abolished. At Lionshead Law we work on fixed-fees or retainers only and we keep overheads low. By working for a fixed fee, our solicitors are actively incentivised to work efficiently and give the best and most responsive service to their clients.

The other major problem I wanted to avoid was aged debt. In firms which run on the consultancy model like this one, consultants only get paid when the firm has been paid. To protect our consultants and ensure that they have a regular monthly income based on the work they have done, once the fee has been agreed, payment is taken up front. By charging fixed fees payable in advance or implementing retainers payable by standing order, we have no issues with aged debt. Not only do we have happy consultants, we also have happy clients who know exactly how much they are paying and what they are getting for their money and that it is a fair and competitive fee.

 And finally, a virtual law firm, without expensive offices, ensures we can attract the very best lawyers who are expert in their fields. The relatively low overheads enable us to offer terms to our consultants which are probably the most competitive out there. We offer all the back office support our solicitors need, but nothing they don’t. That way their earnings are maximised. Similarly, low overheads allow our solicitors to increase their earnings, whilst ensuring clients are getting the best value for money.

Working with Lionshead Law makes sense for our lawyers and it makes sense for our clients. There are many consultancy-based law firms out there but our strength lies in our values. We value transparency; we value client care – our motto is “always here for you…”; we value our solicitors and understand that, with busy lives and financial commitments, they need to know that they are going to get paid for the work they do as soon as they’ve done it. We have pride in our work and want to attract solicitors who feel similarly passionate about what they do. We offer mentoring and support and understand that business development takes time. We encourage our solicitors to cross-sell and to work collaboratively. We invest in marketing and business development and we invest in building relationships – both with clients and with each other. Do you want to #joinourpride?”

What our clients say

“Lionshead Law provides stellar, high quality service.

It is so comforting as a client to feel in such expert hands that build total trust, and to benefit from such depth of legal knowledge, promptness and efficiency, as well as excellent emotional intelligence and negotiation skills.

Belinda is a joy to entrust, and her outstanding energy, integrity as well as empathy adds even more to an already strong combination, to make navigating through a challenging period much smoother.

I would recommend Belinda and Lionshead Law with my eyes closed to anyone!”

Charlotte – Financial Industry professional

“The level of service at Lionhead Law is excellent…

To receive such a high quality, prompt and efficient level of service whenever required is very reassuring.”

“I have found the almost instant (no fuss) feedback a pleasure and the “on tap” help a major plus for our day-to-day HR issues.”

Alex Heron and Jason Dienaar – Life Residential

“ ‘Always here for you’ is Lionshead Law’s strap line and it’s been totally true…Lionshead Law helped me find the best way to move forward, at a very difficult time, when I needed to act fast in an area which was completely unfamiliar to me.” 

Ann Griffin – Architect

“Integrity, energy, commitment and above all excellent practical advice and support – these are the hallmarks of Lionshead Law.”

Walter McNichol – McNichol Associates

“…efficient, reliable and highly knowledgeable”

Aninda Choudhury – Qualserv Consulting

“…enthusiastic, knowledgeable & commercial”

Jeremy Leaf – Jeremy Leaf & Co Estate Agents

“…so professional and effective”

James Portugal – surveyor