Alex Heshmaty asks Belinda Lester, founder of Lionshead Law, and Annie Joseph, a trainee solicitor at a top 100 UK law firm, to consider some of the key opportunities and challenges that remote working poses for lawyers.

In a world of social distancing, the coronavirus pandemic has lent fresh impetus to the work-from-home movement. Law firms that had previously resisted employees working from home were forced to adapt overnight when Boris Johnson announced the start of lockdown in the UK back on the 23 March 2020. They began rolling out laptops and other equipment and technologies to their employees, prompting many to question why they had never done so before?

As firms now begin to cautiously reopen some of their client-facing offices, what might the “new normal” look like going forward, and is this the beginning of the end of the law firm office?

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The end of the law firm office?